Take Heed

These are the rules of the village aunties blog. Take heed and do not comment without reading this first. Remember that you are free to start your own blog.

Village aunties are feminists.

This blog is not a Feminism 101 blog; it is for advanced discussion of feminist issues in the Scottish context, and Scottish issues in a feminist context.

Village aunties welcome feminists of all genders and sexual orientations, and support trans women, trans men, genderqueer people and all others on or off the gender spectrum in their struggle to be acknowledged and accepted in their self-identified gender.   This is not up for discussion.

Village aunties support the concept of women-only spaces that include all women.  This is not up for discussion.

Village aunties are socialists, anarchists, communists, trade unionists, greens, and many other brands of lefty.

Village aunties have struggled for many years to work constructively within a range of settings, including political parties, educational institutions, charities, consensus-based collectives, workers’ co-operatives, activist groups, and so on. These groups have often been the site of some of our most painful encounters with oppression, because it is so much more hurtful and damaging when we are betrayed by our fellow travellers. Village aunties will not support circling the wagons. Village aunties will wash dirty linen in public. Village aunties will support each other in the difficult task of challenging our own allies.

Village aunties challenge language and actions that reinforce oppression.

Use of language on this blog that reinforces sexism, heterosexism, racism, transphobia, and class oppression (to give but a few examples) will not be tolerated. Not taking heed will get commenters summarily banned according to the sole discretion of the village aunties.

This includes such terminology as “ned”, “chav”, “pikey”, “white trash” and other insults regarding people’s position in the class structure.

It also includes “teuchter”, “weegie”, “Gaelic mafia” and other terms (including sectarian slurs) used to insult people according to where they belong in Scotland’s cultural landscape. Exceptions will be made only for individual village aunties who rightfully claim a label for themselves, and for the use of words from Scots or other languages in the context of that language, as long as they are used non-pejoratively. For instance, self-identified ned feminists are more than welcome, as are posts written in Scots that use the word “teuchter” in its original sense.

Village aunties support the bodily autonomy of all, including women and girls.

Village aunties are pro-abortion and in favour of good quality sex education, and free provision of birth control and safer sex advice and supplies. Village aunties eschew mealy-mouthed terminology like “pro-choice” and “pro-life”. Village aunties believe that you are either in favour of forcing women to unwillingly undergo pregnancy and birth, or you are against forcing women to unwillingly undergo pregnancy and birth. This is not up for discussion.

For those women who do have babies, at whatever age, village aunties fervently believe in supporting those women and their babies, and the babies’ fathers and wider families. Village aunties do not disparage or discourage “teenage mothers” or “unwed mothers”. This is not up for discussion.

Village aunties support the self-organisation of sex workers to advance peer education, human rights, workers’ rights, trade unionisation, and whatever else sex workers wish to organise for. Village aunties fight for the de-criminalisation of sex work, in order to ensure optimum safety, autonomy, health, happiness, dignity and respect for sex workers.

Village aunties are working for an independent Scotland.

Village aunties are aware that there are perfectly valid and valuable internationalist positions on the left that do not favour putting energy into an independent Scotland. Village aunties who are otherwise on board with this blog’s manifesto but who do not support Scottish independence for these reasons are welcome to post and comment here on other topics. However, this blog will not be a place for discussing the pros and cons of Scottish independence. Village aunties are working as if we live in the early days of a better nation.


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  3. Regular Jo
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 05:04:31

    Good read :)


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  5. glasgow sex worker
    May 30, 2012 @ 17:41:01

    This is EXCELLENT.


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