Calling all pro-indy map geeks (queers and lefties welcome): Mike Parker lecture tour of Scotland

Hey all you map geeks! Especially ones who are a bit queer and/or interested in lefty/indy/national identity!

My pal Mike Parker, an honorary Welsh Village Auntie and big gay pro-Welsh-indy map nerd, author of the book Map Addict: A Tale of Obsession, Fudge and the Ordnance Survey

Source: via Morag on Pinterest

… and the Rough Guide to Wales, inventor of the Coast to Coast TV series, and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s On the Map series, is doing a Scottish lecture tour for the Royal Scottish Geographical Society called On the Map: Cartography and National Identity.

He wants some colourful people at the lectures to mitigate any potential stuffiness, so let’s go see him- I promise he’ll be great (he’s also had a career as a stand-up comedian).


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