Free Speech and Harassment: A Reply to Lallands Peat Worrier.

Free Speech and Racial/Sectarian Harassment: A Reply to Lallands Peat Worrier.

I believe passionately in the right of free speech, freedom of belief and freedom of religious practice. Contemporary laws in Scotland have criminalised sectarian hate speech in certain contexts. I believe that this is right and just. I don’t think this negates my belief in freedom of speech or belief.



Policing and Justice in the Context of Uprisings

The events of the weekend in London shows the level of anger present in local communities in the capital of the UK.  Riots unseen since the early 1980s raged for two days across a seven mile stretch of North London before spreading across the whole of the capital and onto the rest of England. This occurs in the context of uprisings across Europe, particularly in Greece and Spain as austerity measures kick in and ordinary people feel the pain of the bankers’ crisis.  With the euro plummeting, and no end in sight to the chaos, it is unlikely that this pain will cease any time soon.  The character of the events in London are very different however to that which has happened in Greece.  The politics of the situation, high on the foreground in Greece fuelling the anger are less overt in the London Riots – where the anger is more guttural and less well channelled, ignited and fuelled by a Metropolitan police force which is rapidly being exposed as corrupt, unaccountable and fundamentally untruthful.


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