Another ‘better together’ opportunity lost

This is my only my second post for the village aunties. In my first post I said that I wanted to “be properly engaged and informed from all sides” in the independence debate, and I made a plea to both sides not to “rely on scare tactics . . .”.  Some time has passed since that post, and I’m still waiting for that engagement. However, an interview with Alistair Darling published in the Sunday Observer has engaged something today which has prompted me to take to the blog again.



Wake up and engage the electorate

Referendums, or at least talk about them, seems to be the rage just now, what with the SNP conference and the European debacle bubbling up again in the Tory party. For once I actually find myself in agreement with Tory cabinet ministers around calls for a European referendum as being as waste of time (not to mention money) right now. Like the rest of my fellow Aunties, it’s the talk around the Scottish independence referendum that is of most interest to me.

The results of the May election awoke something within me that had lain dormant for far too long. For the first time in over a decade I was actually excited about politics, the future and a realistic chance of a proper debate over Scottish independence. I still have a bit of a post election tingle, however as the nights draw in, I’m starting to feel bogged down and more than a bit pissed off by the lack of engagement from the other political parties. Why do they continue to ignore us, the electorate who categorically rejected their mandates? Why do they resort to the same old scare stories about the doomsday scenario of the break up of the Union, questioning the “right” of the evil SNP to actually ask the people what they think?


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