Glasgow nightclub comes under fire for sexist flyers

Last week I received a message about the below flyer.

I found it utterly appalling for a variety of reasons: the objectification of women; the sex industry imagery used; the fact the top image especially resembles the kind of cards you find in phoneboxes (right down to the mobile phone number after the words ‘Booty call us’); the fact that ‘girls go free’ means that women are essentially the product rather than the customer; the terrible fonts… I could go on.

So we kicked up a huge fuss about it on Facebook, Twitter and through emailing them and the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Advertising Standards Authority. They deleted our posts on Facebook (but were happy to leave awful homophobic posts up, just not criticism) and someone was blocked on Twitter (though we don’t know who did that).

I got a couple of weird emails about it, which to be honest encouraged me because they sounded scared. It was time to up the ante even further.

Under immense pressure, the next day they released a new flyer and a (half-hearted apology).

The new flyer is by no means perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better:

To see their apology and the press release, the email I sent and the full apology from the club, go to my blog.

Thanks to everyone who got involved in any way – thank you. Sometimes we win.

Here’s a feminist review of Booty Call

I really want to do more campaigns around nightclubs, particularly sexual harassment and assault in nightclubs, which is disgustingly common. Any thoughts?

In sisterhood, Kate

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