The Anti-VillageAuntie is Dead. Party-time in Scotland

No pious liberal homilies here on not speaking ill of the dead or remembering that lots of others contributed to the destruction she caused or that Tony Blair was bad too or that we still have to fight what’s going on NOW.

People have the right to remember and express rage about their oppression. If you don’t think so, maybe you are too cushioned by your privilege to really empathise.

Glasgow in particular has been waiting for this chance to party for many years. Many, many beloved and valuable people are dead or damaged because of Margaret Thatcher, as are communities, our economy and our cohesiveness. So many of us are exhausted and depressed from the ongoing struggle, and the fractures and in-fighting within our various struggles. Several generations of the best and brightest have either left, or worn themselves out by staying and fighting: all that creative energy sapped.

Today, we get to party together. George Square, 5pm.


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  1. Hamstair Toilichte
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 15:09:55

    I wish I could be there in George Sq, I really do. It should be some party :*). For sure there’ll be plenty like it in Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Doncaster and far more places than could be named in a simple comment. OTOH, White Van Man country will be in deep mourning – there’ll be black armbands and half-mast flags in Essex today, for sure.


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